Summer School

Please see the attached list for our Summer School 2017 Course Descriptions and Registration Form.  Summer School at MSM is available for students outside the MSM community.

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Summer Registration 2017



The Spanish program is designed to build a foundation that prepares students for high school. Meanwhile, the unique opportunity to learn a second language broadens horizons and expands understanding of other cultures.

ArtArt in 1st

Each teacher, with parent volunteers, conducts art projects throughout the year. Each class is supported by a parent volunteer working as an art docent under a county-run program designed to expose all children to various types of art appreciation and skills.

Article in The Union Paper featuring Art at MSM



Robotics 1

The Programming and Robotics Club meets twice a week to learn programming techniques that enable them to program and control robots.  Students work with robots that have features such as light detection, object detection, object avoidance, line following, and drawing/sketching.

Article in The Union Paper featuring MSM Robotic Students




All grades are active members of the school garden.  Students participate by tending to seasonal and perennial crops, composting, vermi-composting, design, and general maintenance.  Students run a produce cart stocked with items harvested from the school garden and neighboring farms. Students also participate in a variety of activities through the Sierra Harvest organization including Harvest of the Month, Guest Chef Tasting, and visiting local farms.

Mt. St. Mary Academy also offers programs in athletics, choir, and technology. Information on these programs can be found in the Student Life section.