Mission Statement & Educational Philosophy

Mission Statement

Mt. St. Mary Academy, the educational ministry of St. Patrick Parish, was established in 1859. Our mission is to serve families primarily of the Catholic Communities of St. Patrick, St. Canice and St. Dominic as well as families of other faith traditions and surrounding communities. Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children, we collaborate to educate our students to achieve their potential in the areas of faith development, academic excellence, social awareness and emotional growth. We exist to inspire and motivate our students to recognize their call to be responsible, faith-filled leaders in the reality of today’s multicultural and diverse world.

Educational Philosophy

We, the Mt. St. Mary Academy School Community, are committed to providing our students with a solid academic and spiritual foundation as expressed through the teachings, traditions and practices of the Roman Catholic Faith. We acknowledge parents as the primary educators of their children and strive to assist them in motivating their children in the pursuit of educational success. As a faith community we emphasize the dignity of each student as a child of God, called to love and serve his/her brothers and sisters in the community and world. Rooted in MERCY our Student Learning Expectations support and guide us in the living out of who we are as an academic and faith community.

Mt. St. Mary Academy students will be people who:

M MODEL and witness to Catholic Christian Teachings and Values.

E ENCOURAGE and ENABLE self and one another to reach her/his
potential in academics and faith development.

R REVERENCE the sacredness of all life and respect the dignity of
each student.

C CELEBRATE and worship as one parish/school faith community.

Y YEARN to make a difference in the world through service to others.

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