Faculty & Staff

Transitional Kindergarten

Mrs. Wendy Beesley




Mrs. Trisha Ridens



1st Grade

Mrs. Carol Kent






2nd Grade

Mrs. Carol Keane-Stein



3rd Grade

Mrs. Kristin Mack



4th Grade

Mrs. Tania McDaniel


My name is Tania McDaniel and I’ve been teaching 4th grade at Mount Saint Mary’s Academy since the 2016/2017 school year.  I’m a 16-year product of the Catholic School system, having attended Catholic primary, middle and high schools in the greater Los Angeles area and then obtaining a double major in English and Psychology from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA.   I began classroom teaching in the 2004/2005 school year and have worked in grades 1 through 4 since that time.  I am also a Catechist of the Good Shepherd, which helps young children in TK through 3rd grade develop an appreciation for, and relationship with, God and the Catholic Faith.  I am a mother of two children, who have attended Mount St. Mary’s Academy since they were in TK.  My children are now in 5th and 3rd grade.  They altar serve and sing at the Holy Mass, in part because of the faith they explored while in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd here at Mount Saint Mary’s Academy.

5th Grade

Mrs. Sherilyn Doerr



6th Grade Homeroom & Jr. High Mathematics

Mr. Dave Pistone



7th Grade / Language Arts

Mrs. Julie Schoemig


Julie and her husband, Kurt, live in Nevada City with their two very busy teenagers, Owen and Paige. Somehow from the age of 20, Julie was able to accomplish a BA in Liberal Arts, a Montessori Teaching Diploma from Montessori World Educational Institute ages 3-12 Primary and Upper Elementary Levels, 34 units towards a Communications Degree from Sacramento State University, 24 units towards Early Childhood Development, Respect SART training from Shasta County Police Department and has had the wonderful opportunity of owning two successful businesses in Nevada County. Here’s the kicker- she homeschooled the two teenagers, for a total of 16 years, without going to the zoo through it all.


8th Grade

Ms. Makenzie Hayes




Mrs. Kathy Valentine

Mrs. Linda Marshall

Mrs. Leslie Lawton



Mrs. Claudia Ingalls



Music and Choraleers

Mrs. Colleen Deneen




St. Patrick Parish 


Father Chris Frazer





After School Care / Extension Program

Mrs. Marion Ripley


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